I’m not though, I’m still complacent

January 12, 2012

His filthy ragged fingers traced the edges of the keyboard. Turning to you, he had said “A whole generation is being born who will never use keyboards”. Your face curled.
His myopic face dipped further in to the light-well of the screen.

“T4A has always in some way been the helm that I see out of. Not that I show ye any sort of persona, but perhaps more that we all race forward together through the same opaque layers of futures-come, glancing sidelong at one another, grinning
That’s how I see you, and I think we know things are going to get quite out of hand. Our parents, and their lovely parents before were bred from different stock; our age is a disaster caught, just in time, with a left hand. Are you thrilled? Terrified, thrilled, complacent, competent, informed.



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