you beautiful beautiful internet

July 2, 2011

There are humans alive who were born after the internet as we know it was rolled out, and not only can they walk, talk and buy digital watches, but they can, in several cases, breed as well as vote for their respective governments should they so wish.

I remember being larva-small when the internet was heralded on radio (the early nineteen-nineties people, early nineteen-nineties), like John the Baptist going forth and telling people that one would come after him, who would redeem mankind and make clear the path to righteousness. The closely associated memory of this is thinking that “cyberspace” would more or less be warp space, but with the data-transferal represented by two-foot electrons streaming about the place. In all likelihood, it would be mainly purple in colour. This was no doubt influenced by an episode of Superman where Louis and Clark got trapped in cyberspace, which appeared in their cupboard.

My first actual experience of the internet was my father showing my brother and I a twitcher site: there was no background and it took so long to load that we lost interest long before the modem finished it’s arduous three-image task.

Heady days.

Also, please stop capitalising “internet”.


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