January 21, 2010

»My house has set ways of laying it’s table. When the house is full, six ovoid straw mats surround two central rectangular ones, where the dishes sit. Everyone has their place (although this changes to accommodate guests) and it is customary to forget to put out napkins.
»The mats live in the third drawer and we’ve had them for as long as I remember. My father hates them; he will fray the edges and then cut those sections off. After dinner, they are returned and placed upon a pile of similar mats in the drawer. From some habitual quirk in the mechanics of tidying, the mats are always sorted by size before being returned, meaning that the larger rectangular mats sit below the ovoids and separate the used mats from others in the drawer.
»It occurred to me yesterday that two of the six ovoid mats have inexorably fallen into disuse since my brothers moved out, partitioned away because we now set the table for four. Now I too am leaving, and like my brothers, I will become straw, in a drawer, unused.



  1. *clicks fingers appreciatively*

  2. Isolation

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