2:06 am, Monday nine march oh nine

March 9, 2009

This world of hours just sees to get better and better. My concern over the economic bagel has been somewhat lax: fretting is largely reserved for my parents who possess all the  paraphenalia of the society we now openly deplore (nuclear arms, mortgages, expensive things we do not need). I believe from somewhere behind my glands, that it will all work out.

However, things are always more complicated than they seem. This is not about houses being cheaper when I eventually arrive on the market, but, in fact, the splinterstress applied to all over the planet.

After all, conflicts are basically over either ideals or resources, and one can be solved with an abundance of the other. Those who are comfortable rarely wish to wield steel. In its absence:

9.2.9 2:01(cheers, bbc)

In related news, my phone now plays the intro from Mechwarrior 2: Mercenaries. Yes yes. Video and audio, yes yes.


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