January 23, 2009

Rough like a baby's prospects in the wild.

Rough like a baby's prospects in the wild.

Do you know what’s coming up? Some clever fellow on the interwebs, socially minded and gifted with a forum, decided three years ago to have a day where you write a comic every hour, and post them up online! And now, htree years later, itis in tis glorious third year!

The comic has to be about things that have occured to you in the last hour, so it’s not the gargantuan task you may think. Also, it doesn’t have to be “good”: like all the webclaves, the important thing is that you were there.

It will mean you are present with other constructs of greatness such as

As your friend i recommend it.If you are worried about the quality of the drawings, Don’t: it’s mainly stick figures, and they seem to be the best ones (see below)

That above thing: really bad (on grounds of perspective, an apparent inability to draw hands, not resembling me, being smugglier better looking in some frames, oh don’t let me go on stop me rig) but thats not important! What’s important is that it’ll be fun and will give me a reason to practice drawing like a quick thing.

On that note: I need to simplify ye drawings, and speed them up. Shouldn’t take more than ten-15mins, creating a perect break from study (though that then precludes anything worth writing about..i could make it about the things i learn? yeah…likely.)

I think I may make a page for it instead of posting them her.e…e…


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