As bad as the internet

November 18, 2008

Yes yes, I know, a splurge of posts recently. Given the volume of work I can put off simply by posting, well.. It’s no suprise. Anyway: A while back i did this:

-and then sometime later, I made that video. In fact, for demonstration purposes, the offending haircut was carried out in April, say, and I made the video in’n’around two weeks ago. Now, I only really punted it into the youtubes so it would show up in bebo.

I think we’re all on board so far.

In two weeks, it has four hundred views. Four Hundred. 400. This is amusing and worrying in inequal proportions.  MOREOVER I appear on what may or may not be the page of a guy who has a fetish for guys being shorn. I..

…I find myself racing the ratings on videos of other strangers. Whatthehelliswrongwithme.


Update: The guy who featured me? He describes his channel thus: “They interest all the videos exceeds haircut to me, melenas, coletas and generally on uncles with long hair”.


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